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Data Processing and Visualization

Workshop Description: The world is becoming data-driven as business, academia, and the media embrace the analysis and visualization of data in their day-to-day activities.  As a result, library patrons now need not only help finding facts and figures, but help with turning that raw data into analysis and presentation. This webinar will describe and discuss data services for libraries, with a particular focus on the data visualization techniques and tools that are transforming how we analyze and understand our world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the range and types of services that Libraries can provide relating to data.  Shared understanding of the needs of webinar attendees (based on live survey input) for data services.
  •  Identify ways that Libraries can respond to and serve data needs of their patrons, including a review of common statistical software and their benefits and limitations.
  •  Understanding of the role of data visualization in data analysis and presentation, and the tools and skills that support data visualization.
Thursday, May 4, 2017
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Lied Library - Amargosa Room
  Research Skills