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Accelerate your Research with SciFinder

Accelerate your Research with SciFinder


Scifinder is a dynamic discovery solution database of the chemical literature with flexible search options based on user input and workflow. Presented by Feroze Ali, Applications Specialist with Chemical Abstracts Service, the workshop will offer a demonstration of the premier chemical database for intermediate to advanced level users.

The attendees will learn how to search the largest collection of substances, reactions and references compiled in the chemical literature. The purpose of the demonstration is to teach new skills for users to help them gain more confidence and to make better, more informed research queries. They will learn how to search SciFinder three ways, by: 1) Topic, using keywords in journals, conferences, dissertations, and more; 2) Substance identifiers to search for preparation, regulatory, supplier, and property information, and; 3) Structure, to find similar substances.

This workshop is aimed at UNLV graduate students, faculty and administrative staff interested in learning more about how to search the chemical literature.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017
10:30am - 12:00pm
Lied Library - Amargosa Room
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